Gower House School, Blackbird Hill, Kingsbury NW9 8RR
020 8205 2509
Headteacher: Mrs M. Jobe
School Manager: Mrs Fennelly


Fees Chart


Termly Fees

After deduction
of Nursery
Education Grant
(£750 estimated)

4 monthly payments of

Two Year Olds

£2400 inc Lunch



Three & Four Year Olds

£2400 inc Lunch



School Fees

Five to Six Years

£2275  not including Lunch


Seven years and Over

£2375 not including Lunch








Fees Calculator

How old is your child this year?


As at all independent schools, fees are due in advance at the beginning of each term, but fees may be paid in instalments.

All of the above fees can be divided into three payments per term (see breakdown above).

The sports fee is payable when a child enters a class that swims weekly, usually at age 6.

A discount of 5% is given for children who have an older brother or sister attending the school. There are three terms in one school year.

A non refundable registration fee of £120.00 is required before each child is placed on the school roll.

Parents are reminded that one term’s notice of withdrawal must be given or a full terms fees paid instead.

Nursery Education Grants

The under fives department is part of the Brent Early Years Partnership. Children aged three and four years receive a termly grant for two years. This amount is deducted from the fees (see above). For more information about the Grant please contact the school office.