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Choosing a Private Primary School

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Deciding where your child should go to school can be difficult. There are so many factors to consider, including whether it would be better to apply to North London private schools or to opt for a state school instead. Choosing a private school in North London can be the right decision for many families, not least because there are some excellent private schools in the area.

Academic Benefits

One of the most common reasons for choosing North London private schools over state schools is the quality of the education. A private school can offer your child the highest standard of teaching and the best possible learning environment. Children at Private primary schools are challenged academically and encouraged to love learning. They also benefit from smaller class sizes that enable plenty of individual attention. Getting the right education at this stage can set your child on the right path towards secondary school and beyond.

Other Reasons to Choose a Private Education

The academic benefits are not the only reason to choose North London private schools. Private schools can also provide more social and cultural opportunities. Your child may have the chance to try a new language, to take music lessons, or simply to spend more time being creative. Although there are many excellent state primary schools that provide wonderful opportunities for their pupils, a private primary is simply able to offer more time, better facilities, and a broader range of events and activities. This can make a private school the best choice, particularly for children who need an extra challenge or who could benefit from a little extra encouragement.

At the end of the day the only reason to choose a particular school for your child is that you believe it will be the best place for him or her. The right school for your child will be a place where he or she can be happy while getting the best possible education.

Benefits of The Extended School Day

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One thing that many of the best private schools in London have in common is that they provide parents with a little extra flexibility in the timing of the school day. Many of these schools provide additional clubs or activities at either end of the day, offering interesting activities for children as well as a more convenient schedule for many parents. The best of these school clubs enable children to try out activities that might not fit into the school day and are run by school staff who the children will already know.

Breakfast Clubs
Breakfast clubs are a popular option with many students at the best private schools in London. Getting a good meal at the beginning of the day is essential for concentration, but it can be a rush to get everyone fed and out of the house in time for school and work. Breakfast clubs enable children to enjoy a leisurely, nutritionally balanced meal with their friends in an environment that will get them ready for the coming day.

After School Activities
After school clubs can be just as useful as breakfast clubs for parents who need some extra time at either end of the school day. However, afternoon clubs at the best private schools in London can also have some important benefits for the children to attend. A good after school club will provide opportunities for children to socialise with their friends outside of lessons. It will also offer plenty of varied activities, including games, sports, arts and crafts, and outdoor play when the weather allows. The after school club can also be a place for quiet reading or homework, so it can boost a child’s academic skills too. Having this time at the end of the day can make a real difference in a child’s experience of school and it is often one of the things that children look forward to the most when they go to school.

Speaking to the School

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Building a good relationship with parents is very important for everyone at your independent primary school in Brent, but it will also help you to keep on top of any paperwork or activities you need to complete. You should feel free to get in touch with the school when you have any concerns or questions and try to attend as many school events and meetings as you can.

Before Starting School

You will learn a lot about the school when you are deciding where to apply and during your initial visit to the independent primary school in Brent, but there will be plenty more to learn once you have accepted your place. One of the most important things to find out about is what will happen when your child begins school. You will have a chance to discuss this when you are working out the best start date for your child. We like to ease children into school life in order to make it as easy as possible for both you and your child. You should also make sure that you have informed us of any special needs, allergies, or other important information before your child starts school.

Keeping in Touch

Once your child begins attending the independent primary school in Brent, you should make sure that you keep in touch. We will contact you if there is information you need to know and provide regular updates and newsletters, but it can also be useful for you to make the time to speak to your child’s teachers and to talk to your child about what is happening in class. Talking about what has been taught can help your child to learn and keeping on top of what your child is studying will also make it easier for you to answer any questions he or she asks you.

What to Look Out For On Your Classroom Visit

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Visiting the North London private schools you are considering for your child is a great way to get to know them, but it can be difficult to know what you should be looking for when you get into the classroom. At Gower House, we invite all parents who are thinking of applying to come and see the teacher in action on a normal day at the school. You will get a chance to look around the school, to meet some of the staff, and to see a class being taught.

In the Classroom

Take a good look around when you go into the classroom to get a feel for the kind of environment your child will be learning in. A good classroom should have plenty of space for everyone to work in and all of the equipment and technology that the teacher needs. It should be a place where your child will feel comfortable and engaged. Take particular note of what is displayed on the walls as you tour the classrooms of the North London private schools you are visiting. You should be able to see some of the children’s work from recent projects as well as posters and decorations that highlight some of the key learning methods used in the class. The teacher who is accompanying you should be able to explain any unfamiliar terms or concepts displayed on the walls.

Watching the Lesson

You will get a chance to see more than the classroom when you visit. You will also be able to see the teacher in action during a normal lesson. This is the best way to get a feel for the teaching standards and the way that the staff interact with the pupils. At the best North London private schools you should see busy, engaged children who are able to talk confidently with their teacher. The staff should be happy, helpful and energised by the lessons too.

Where Do You Want to Go To School?

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Talking to your child about school is something that you should start doing long before the first day of term. You can help your child to feel confident about starting school by talking about what to expect and by asking his or her opinion when you are applying for a place at a private school in North London.

What Do You Think Will Be Your Favourite Lesson?

Talking about the possibilities for school can also help you to decide which private school in North London will offer the right opportunities for your child. You probably already know what kind of things interest and excite your child, but it is still worth talking about the kind of things that they might do at school to get a better idea of their more academic interests. Is your child most excited about art classes or reading stories? Would they love the chance to learn a new language or are they more interested when you suggest that they will learn some science at school?

What Did You Think of the School?

Taking the time to ask your child where he or she would like to go to school can be very valuable. Not only will it give your child a sense that his or her voice matters, but it will also give you some useful insight when you are deciding which private school in North London is right for your child.

Finding the right fit for your child is important, but it can be difficult to tell how much your child liked the school simply by watching what happens when you visit. Asking your child what he or she thought can enable you to see the school from a different perspective. Although you won’t get much insight into the academics or teaching style, simply asking what your child liked and disliked about the school at the end of the visit can help you to determine whether they felt comfortable in that environment.

Finding the School that Fits

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When you are talking to other parents or to the staff at the independent primary schools in London where you hope to apply, you will often hear people talking about finding the right fit for your child or finding an atmosphere where he or she can thrive. It can be difficult to define exactly what is meant by this, but that doesn’t make finding the school that feels right any less important.

Finding the Right Fit

A school is much more than just the building. It is a community of teachers, pupils and parents, and just like any other community, a primary school has its own particular character. You will get a good taste of this character when you visit the school and see how the community works together. As you visit independent primary schools in London, you should ask yourself whether it feels like a place where your child will fit in. The right school will be the one where you can picture your child smiling, making friends, and enjoying the learning process.

The Right School for You

Although it is your child who will be attending every day, it is also important to find a school that is a good fit for you too. You need to feel confident that the school is going to give your child the best possible start in life, both academically and personally. You also need to find a school where you will feel happy to leave your child on the first day of school. At the right school, you will know that your child is in good hands, even if you feel a little bit sad to be parted.

Just as you know when your child tries on the right pair of shoes or suddenly gets how to tie the laces, you will know when you find the school that fits you. All of the independent primary schools in London can provide an excellent education, but they won’t all be the right place for your child.

Finding the Right Academic Environment for Your Child

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Finding a school where your child will flourish academically is vital when you are applying to the top private schools around Brent. An independent primary school like Gower House where your child’s natural talents and curiosity will be nurtured can be the first step on a successful academic career.

Get to Know the Curriculum

Studies at all of the top private schools in Brent will be guided by the National Curriculum, which requires pupils to cover all of the important topics in Maths, Science and English, as well as in the arts and humanities. Your child will also enjoy sports and games, including swimming lessons, and spend time on personal, social and health education.

Getting to know the school’s academic program should help you to find an environment where your child will thrive. Familiarising yourself with the primary curriculum will also help you to support your child when he or she starts school. Children love to share what they are learning with their parents, so you will soon be hearing about some of these subjects in detail.

Consider the School’s Aims and Ethos

Although all schools follow the same basic curriculum, each school will approach learning in its own way. There are also some important academic differences between schools. The Gower House School supplements the National Curriculum with additional academic opportunities, including French lessons, individual piano tuition, and a multicultural approach to religious education. It is also vital to consider other aspects of school life when you are comparing top private schools near Brent. You should look at the way the schools approach their pupil’s social and emotional needs, as well as at their academic approach. Gower House aims to help each child to fulfil his or her potential by encouraging children to pursue their own interests, to grow as individuals, and to develop at their own pace.

School Visits Matter When You Are Choosing Your Primary Place

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You can learn a lot about a school by exploring its website and reading the prospectus, but you can only really get a feel for the school when you visit in person. If you are considering the Gower House as one of the nearest private schools to Neasden, one of the first stages in the application process will be a school visit.

Arranging Your School Visit

When you are ready to apply to the Gower House School, you should begin by calling the school to arrange a visit. Visits for parents of under fives are usually schedules for 10.30 am or 2pm, while parents of children aged five and up can visit at 11am or 2pm. All visits are on school days.

The Gower House is one of the nearest private schools to Neasden, so it will be easy to find on the day of your visit. However, it is still sensible to plan your route ahead of the day and to leave plenty of time to get here. Now can also be a good time to time to think about what your school run might be like if your child does end up attending the school. School visits are as much about finding out whether the school will suit you as about learning more about what the nearest private schools to Neasden have to offer.

What to Expect When You Visit

During your visit, you will get a chance to talk to some of the pupils and staff, to observe a lesson, and to see the school facilities for yourself. The school visit is a valuable opportunity for you to get a feel for the school’s ethos and whether it is a place where your child will be happy. If you decide that the Gower House is the right school for your child, you will then be able to complete a registration form and move forwards with the application process.

Why You Should Send Your Child to an Independent Primary School

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If you’re considering sending your child to one of the independent primary schools in London, you may be interested to hear of the benefits that a private education can bring.

  1. Private education is a worthwhile investment in your child’s future because students who have had a private education are three times more likely to get top A level results than state school students.
  2. Class sizes will generally be smaller, meaning that if your child struggles, he or she will receive more one-to-one attention from teachers.
  3. There are often better standards of education with a wider variety of subjects to study. For instance, Gower House School offers French lessons to all students aged four years and over. The earlier a child learns a foreign language the easier it is for them to pick it up but despite this, many state schools don’t offer second language lessons until the age of 11, when it is harder to learn.
  4. Private schools often have more extra-curricular activities such as drama group, dance clubs, science clubs, young journalist or the cadets. Some schools even have debating societies to encourage thinking minds. Gower House School provide lots of sporting activities and private individual piano lessons.
  5. Private schools often have better on-site facilities, for instance, swimming pools and tennis courts.
  6. Many private schools will teach at the child’s pace rather than expecting him to fit into a set standard. This will help young children enjoy their education and foster an enthusiasm for learning.

For more information about sending your child to Gower House School or to book a visit to our school you can send us an email or telephone 020 8205 2509. A warm welcome awaits you and your child.

Thousands of London State School Students Fail to Pass Exams

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Thousands of teenagers attending state secondary schools in London failed to get the minimum of five GCSE’s at grade C or above last year, putting many schools at risk of being taken over in an effort to bring them up to standard.

Almost 40% of teenagers in the area achieved under the minimum level required by employers. That meant that 29,000 students left school without adequate qualifications to go further in life, an increase of 3,000 students since 2013.

Some teachers suggest that the drop in performance is merely because of changes made to the criteria for the league tables and isn’t an accurate reflection of the schools. Supporters of the reforms say the poorer results reflect what is really going on in many schools.

One way you can help your child achieve in secondary school is to make sure he has outstanding preparation in his primary years.

Gower House School is among the top North London private schools, well respected since its opening in 1951. We focus on the importance of an academic education and provide a strong foundation starting from the age of two, including the introduction of French and computer studies at age four, literacy, mathematics and other subjects that nurture their personal, social, emotional and creative development.

Our age 11 school leavers usually sit entrance examinations to attend local independent day schools but we can also help prepare them for state secondary school. We can advise parents on which school would suit their child to ensure the transfer runs smoothly and your child will be happy in their new environment – an important factor in success. We can also help obtain scholarships and financial assistance for further education to help your child get the best out of their future.