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Gower House School
Secondary School
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Gower House School
Blackbird Hill

Tel: 020 8205 2509
Mrs M Jobe
Mrs. M. Fennelly

A day in the life of...

The day starts when the whistle is blown in the morning and we line up to go to classes. We have to empty our bags and hang up our coats in the cloak room, then get down to work.

I like Wednesdays the best, because we start the day with either Maths or English, then we go to our morning break where we get to play games, eat our tuck and chill with our friends, but when that is finished it is back to work.

We have French followed by lunch, and after that we have quiet time followed by our afternoon break. Once we come back from break we mark any work that we did in the morning or the day before, and when we are finished we do our final lesson for the day, Geography.

During the week we have different activities going on like swimming, music, P.E and computers and although the work is sometimes difficult we have great teachers who teach us to support each other and care about our school.

I enjoy my day at Gower House School because the teachers and pupils are very friendly and there are lots of exciting trips and excursions.

Sianhael aged 10

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